A Whole Lot of Bullshit and a Little Fishing

3 12 2008

Well folks, it has been a while and not a whole lot in the way of fishing has been going on.  I was supposed to float the Tuckaseegee River the week before Thanksgiving.  I had it all planned out, Duke Power is generating…they just put an assload of fish in the river…got another guide from the shop who wants to learn how to row…just got my new Kelly Gallop streamer concoctions in…fucking great day.  Unfortunately events conspired against me as they always seem to.  We got to the river early and found that the water was down which was no problem because the schedule called for 10:30 generation and it was only 11:00.  I figured I would go ahead and get the shuttle taken care of.  Turns out the shuttle guy has come down with a wicked case of dysentery or Ebola (it was a toss up).  After insisting on shaking my hand he informed me that it had been coming out of both ends all night and day.  We could, however, use his truck at the end of the day to go pick up our truck at the put in.  The only problem with this plan was we would have to change the flat on his truck.  Fine, at least we were gonna get to throw streamers at a bunch of big fish…right?….WRONG!  The no good, low down, dirty third world whores of a power company never turned the water on.  We salvaged the day by catching some fish wading.  They were hitting the normal DH stuff, buggers, hare’s ears, eggs, etc.  To top off the day however I had to go through a police check point on the way home which, even at the age of thirty, still makes me feel like I am 16 and they are gonna find something.  So that was the last day of fishing I got in and you know what?….It wasn’t half bad.   Going somewhere for a few days next week and hopefully get that giant brown I so richly deserve this season.




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