A New Partnership and an Old Ass Kicking

8 04 2009

So everybody, your old friend nymph-o (Dave) has been asked to join forces with the boys over at Bent Rod Media to be the blogger du jour (like soup of the day for you uncultured savages in intranet land), mystery pooper, and all around malcontent. Well slap my ass and call me Sally, I accepted… let the games begin. For those of you who don’t know, Bent Rod is a film company started by some ‘ol boys from the hills to capture on film all the shits and giggles that go along with chasing our wet friends with fur and feather. I will now be simultaneously posting on my troutsniffer site as well as Bent Rod Media’s blog. I am simultaneously posting because I am lazy and there is only so much inspiration in the well (most was spent figuring out how to attach a lighter to a springy telephone cord and then attach it to the ceiling so I would never have to leave my recliner in college…genius).  Look for big things from small people in the near future, folks, as the crew takes out across the land A-Team van-style to film some fish at a location near you.

So in saying that I will now move on to a day a week ago that involved Ryan, his new boat, and a truly emasculating day on the river at the hands of his lovely wife, Angela. Due to recent Luke Skywalker like life saber eye surgery, Ryan found himself with a brand new boat and doctors orders to sit in the house and heal.  After a few weeks of clawing the walls Ryan was ready to roll, LSD like visual effects or not. I was more then happy to oblige and met Ryan and Angela at the Blevins put in on the Watauga.

The New Sled

The New Sled


Let me first say that I always enjoy fishing with women because any chick who will go out with her husband on a miserable cold windy day like the one in question is all right by me. I quickly learned that Ryan had taught his wife well as she stuck a nice 18″ off the bat and then another butter belly to boot.

Here Piggy Piggy

Here Piggy Piggy


Angela Sealing the Deal on Revoking My Man Card

Angela Sealing the Deal on Revoking My Man Card

I on the other hand flailed as I am prone to do time to time and managed one decent rainbow down in the caddis riffle. For those of you keeping score that is Angela 2, and me 1. If you can’t do the math this score equals me crying in the fetal position as I continuously pummel my man junk for failing me yet again. I am not competitive by nature and I am not an idiot that thinks that there aren’t a number of women that will out fish me on any given day (keep your panties on ladies), but I admit this one hurt, hurt bad.  At the end of the day I complemented Angela on her skills as a fisherwoman and crawled back into my car in well deserved shame.  So to you Angela well done, I will be collecting my testicles off your mantle on our next day on the river together ( I am sitting down while I pee until I redeem myself).  To the rest of you snickering bastards, laugh while you can because you just might get invited to fish with Angela one day and then the jokes on you bitches.


Nice Bow That Fell Victim to Ryan's Red Ass and Me Horning In on the Grip and Grin (I netted it damn it)

Nice Bow That Fell Victim to Ryan's Red Ass and Me Horning In on the Grip and Grin (I netted it damn it)




Snootchy Boochies,





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