My name is David Grossman and I’m a grad student at Western Carolina University and a part-time guide.  I grew up in North Carolina and have fished a small portion of the waters that the southeast has to offer.  I am writing this blog in order to get as much free stuff as I can.  Seriously, I LOVE SWAG!  Other than this soleley materialistic goal, I needed a place for my random musings on the world of fly fishing and all the hilarity and joy that goes with it.

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29 09 2008

Can’t wait to read more of your blog! You sound super cool. And I’ve heard your wife is even cooler than you are!

15 01 2009

No, I assure you she is not.

16 03 2009
Barry Murphy

Sup man, I am also a grad student at WCU. I fish all the time, live near Waynesville, fish Tn NC and Salt in SC! Good to meet a bum @ wcu What are you studying??

Tight Lines

16 03 2009

studying construction management waiting out this sweet economy

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