How did I wind up a blogger?

18 11 2008

Hello internet users.  This is not a porn site.  Let me repeat this to you sickos there is no porn here except for the occasional fishy kind.  Let me clarify that as well, by fishy I mean trout you degenerates.  Well now that that’s out of the way I figured in my first post I would pontificate on the factors that have lead to this blog.  I am thirty years old and have recently found myself devoid of employment.  So I did what any responsible adult would do, I went back to graduate school and re-dedicated my life to the timeless art of fooling fish with feathers and fur.  I am now a guide as well as a sales rep for Hog Island Driftboats.  This blog is a product mostly of me having nothing better to do than fish and talk about fishing.  I fish mostly tailwaters and will provide reports whenever I go fishing.  I will also senselessly rail against Hyde, Clacka, and Orvis just because I have the feeling that they think they are better than me.  This is not based on fact but mainly on a feeling I get like they are talking shit as soon as I leave the room.  I am naturally paranoid.   I am no expert by any means but have acquired some knowledge and opinions on some things.  I will occasionally write about these just because I want to and I enjoy reading my own words because I am sure no one is reading this.  I will also embarrass as many of my friends and fishing buddies as possible so that their shame on the rivers will live on in posterity for the ages through the world wide web.  I leave you today with the ubiquitous fish porn picture from my trip to the Yellowstone area this summer.  (I know mine is kind of small for porn but It’s all I got.)dsc00263