New Scott S4…Test Drive In the Park….Sketchiness In The Park

18 12 2008

Got my new Scott S4 and figured I would go to the park to test it out.  I live 2 minutes from a couple of parks and as I have free time, I occasionally take my hula hoop to the park and practice casting in the middle of the day.  On most occasions I have the park to myself and don’t have to deal with gapers asking me what I am doing (translation: my casting sucks and I am horribly ashamed).  So with my new rod, I left the house at 2:00 on a Wednesday afternoon and arrived at the first park only to find someone sitting in a car at the softball field.  These parks are by no means in the best neighborhood and needless to say you won’t find my lily white ass anywhere near them after dark as I gave up my crack habit a long time ago.  So I measured what the risk of me getting gang raped by the local toughs was and decided on my backup park.  Upon arrival at the second park I find a a dude in a van backed into a space ready for a quick getaway.  Now at this point I immediately think child molester…right? (Pedovan)  I have fishing buddies with vans and I have nothing against them but you can ask any of them and they will tell you that I give them an uninterrupted flow of shit concerning the likelihood that they will get pulled over as soon as the next Amber Alert goes out.  I digress….since I am not a child, and actually a Sasquatch-like man, I figured I was safe to get out of the car and give the new rod a rogering.  I am not an expert caster and if I hit one out five casts over 50 feet I am feeling pretty good.  With this qualifier I love my new S4 and am thinking about naming my first child S (the 4 would just be creepy).  I think the rod is as fast as anyone can hope for and I can really rocket line with it.  I am planning on using this rod as my dry fly tailwater rod and feel that it will be the perfect rod for those tough long casts that fishing from the boat often requires when the trout are wary.  I am not an expert on tapers, modulus’, or anything else of that nature but I know what I like and I like this rod.  This my first Scott and I am more than impressed by the little things they do like the measurement ticks on the rod or the alignment dots on the ferrules.  I had never thought of this before but I can’t argue with the practicality and the clever design of these features.  All in all I think my new rod and I will become fast friends and to those of you out there that are van guys…don’t hang out in parks in the middle of the day… you already look sketchy enough with the van.